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Who Is Eraspire?

We Exist At The Intersection Of Media & Commerce

We’re a fully Integrated digital media organization focused on serving high-value vertical categories with killer content, which drive a dedicated audience, whom we serve with fearless dedication through direct response marketing.

We practice the Art of the Long View, focusing on acquiring Digital Media and eCommerce Companies whose business model churns out sustainable revenue, and profitability.

There are also huge-value add opportunities, given our operating platform, to skyrocket revenues and monthly cash-on-cash returns while Improving the long-term value of the Digital Media or eCommerce business.

All acquisition selection goes through a systematic four stage due diligence process led by Mr. Patel and our Leadership Team.

  1. A constant flow of Digital Media, eCommerce, and Internet deals are sent to Mr. Patel for review.
  2. The acquisition is then selected by Mr. Patel from a subjective and objective evaluation.
  3. Acquisition is then underwritten by Mr. Patel and Our World Class Leadership Team to very conservative cash on cash expectations based on worse case scenarios.
  4. The deal is then sent to an external underwriter who does an Independent UW using very conservative standards and worse case scenarios.

The deal is then either pursued or discarded. At which point a deal is selected, Mr. Patel then moves very fast to close the transaction.

Given our Leadership Team’s successful record in the Digital Media Industry, we are being sent deals daily by Accountants, Lawyers, and Media Holding Companies.

Eraspire’s operating platform provides the flexibility and scalability to fuel the company’s continued growth.

Eraspire is looking to expand to getting over 2,000 Transactions completed over the next twenty-four months.


Ishaan Patel

Ishaan Patel

President & CEO

Ishaan Patel is the President & CEO of Eraspire.

Ed Rodriguez

Ed Rodriguez

Co-Chief Auditing Mentor / Board Member

Ed Rodriguez is a recently retired Partner from KPMG in Silicon Valley.

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